Vic is one of Jersey's finest, and considers the lovely Garden State to be home.  His aspirations to become a social media maven far exceeds that of your average person.  He decided to become a regular contributor to this site, in order to relay his online expertise to the masses.  Vic enjoys bicycle and motorcycle riding, eating strictly vegetarian, and being a loner.  While appearing to be a rough man's man, he is actually a kind, soft-hearted soul who loves babysitting.

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Matthew is an avid ‘thinker’ who upholds the strongest values of realism in a modern sense.  After recently completing his graduate degree in economics, Matthew found great value in applying the 80-20 rule to a spade of daily events.  He wanted to take part in authoring an amateur publication, through the unbiased lens of a realist, and purvey the truth behind what we perceive to be social norms.  Matthew is an elitist New Yorker, and in his spare time he enjoys traveling, understanding historical and current events, partaking in awkward social encounters, and stuffing himself with pizza.  He ascertains 80% of his Blog posts will be of 20% value. Readers beware.

Alexis is a DC veteran by way of Pittsburgh. She is a neorealist, and also appreciates research from the constructivists.  Alexis loves current events, observing societal norms, and questioning general assumptions about politics and people.  Most importantly, she really loves sushi, coffee, and cheezy quotes.  When not writing or over-thinking, you can find Alexis jogging through the city or searching for her next travel destination.  Follow Alexis on Twitter at @LexLavi